Article 1 – PARTIES

On one side …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. resident at ……………………………. “COSMOS Web Agency” (hereinafter referred to as DESIGNER) and on the other side ………………………………………………………………. …………. A full agreement has been reached between ……………………………….. (hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER).

Article 2 - SUBJECT

This contract covers the service of the DESIGNER to prepare the web designs that the CUSTOMER needs in order to run the website.


3.1 The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes that the server system on which the web-based software will be installed and all the software/hardware requirements necessary for the operation of the said system will be met by him.

3.2 The CUSTOMER is responsible for providing the necessary image and text-based documents for the organization and design of web-based software. DESIGNER cannot be held responsible for the delays caused by the CUSTOMER's failure to submit the required documents on time. In this case, the delay time is added to the delivery time.

3.3 The CUSTOMER declares that the moral rights of the special graphics, designs, drawings, maps, models, animations, logos, emblems and fonts used in the designs produced by the DESIGNER belong to the DESIGNER, but that they have all their financial rights and become their property, and that these graphics are in no way the contract of this contract. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not reproduce or distribute contrary to its purpose, and will not use it in an electronic or printed medium other than the website written in the contract.

3.4 The CUSTOMER accepts and declares that all ideas, thoughts, expressions, comments, texts and any other content submitted for use in the realization of the subject of this contract belong to him, and that all legal and criminal responsibility that may arise from the violation of the law and general moral rules belongs to him, and commits. In these cases, the DESIGNER has no responsibility whatsoever.

3.5 MÜŞTERİ yapım aşamasında üzerinde çalışılan tasarımı bütün olarak değiştirme talebinde bulunduğunda, sözleşme tutarının %50’si kadar fark ödeyeceğini kabul eder. Bütün olarak değiştirmeden kasıt, mevcut tasarımın en az %50’sinden fazlasının değiştirilmesidir.

3.6 The CUSTOMER will approve each work submitted by the DESIGNER for approval, within 24 hours at the latest, by checking whether it is suitable or not. If no positive/negative response is given within this period, the CUSTOMER is deemed to have approved the work.


4.1 DESIGNER is obliged to provide the design and software service that is the subject of this contract and that the CUSTOMER needs.

4.2 The DESIGNER is obliged to correct any errors and problems that may occur regarding the services provided to the CUSTOMER within 24 hours from the detection of the said errors and problems. Corrections in database codes and animations will be made within 3 days.

4.3 DESIGNER declares that for the additional design requested by the CUSTOMER (corrections that require changes in the design and database codes and page additions), he will integrate the necessary arrangements and additions into the system as soon as he will determine after the necessary study is completed.

4.4 The DESIGNER accepts, declares and undertakes that he will integrate the necessary arrangements and additions into the system as soon as he will determine after completing the necessary study for the corrections that do not require a design change as a whole in terms of the designs prepared for the CUSTOMER.

4.5 Draft publication of the website will be made within 10 days, and finished publication within 14 days.

Article 5 – SERVICE FEE

5.1 The service fee is determined as #………….. #.

5.2 CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes that 1/2 of the Service Fee will be paid in cash at the beginning of the work and the remaining 1/2 will be paid to the DESIGNER's bank account at the end of the design process.

5.3 In case of non-payment, the DESIGNER has the right to delay, stop or terminate the contracted service.


6.1 The duration of the service promised with this contract has been determined as 21 (twenty-one) days, and this period begins with the DESIGNER submitting all necessary documents for the implementation of the design and web software. 7 days before the expiry of the contract period, the parties have agreed on this issue.
If so, the service period will be extended against a fee.

6.2 In the implementation of this contract, if one of the parties fails to perform one of the essential acts or one of the essential elements of the contract on time and/or incompletely and/or at all, the other party shall give a written correction notice to the violating party, within 5 working days, to remedy the contradiction. recognizes. If the breach of contract is not remedied within the allotted time, the breached party may terminate the contract unilaterally, without the need for a written notice and without having to pay any compensation under any name. The violating party indemnifies the violating party for any and all losses incurred due to this.

Article 7 - PRIVACY

All non-public information that the parties have learned under the contract during the performance of this contract is confidential. The parties agree, declare and undertake not to use this information they have learned under the contract in any way other than to fulfill the purpose of the contract, not to give, directly or indirectly, to third parties without the written consent of the other, not to disclose, not to publicize or to avoid any behavior that will result in this way.


For all kinds of notifications to be made regarding this contract and its implementation, the parties have determined the addresses written in article 1 of this contract as legal residence. The parties accept, declare and undertake that the notifications to be made to these addresses will be considered valid, duly and made to them, unless they notify the other party of the changes in these addresses through a notary public or registered mail with return receipt.


Electronic correspondence records such as e-mail, instant message and fax made between the parties and by the authorities of the parties are accepted as legally valid evidence and are accepted as definitive and binding evidence in the context of procedural law.


Antalya/Alanya courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract. This contract consisting of 10 (ten) articles and 3 (three) pages …./.…/……. It has been drawn up in 2 (two) copies.

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