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What is SEO ?

Searching Engine Optimizing (SEO)

SEO, These are all the works that will enable you to rank high in the search engine in order to increase the amount and quality of traffic to your website as a result of natural search.. The Turkish equivalent of this word, which is Search Engine Optimization in English, is Search Engine Optimization..

To understand exactly what the term SEO is, Let's examine this definition in more detail.;

Traffic quality: You can attract all traffic related to the searched words to your website, However, the important thing here is to ensure that your visitors really come to your site because of something related to your website is important to increase your traffic quality..
Traffic amount: From the results page in the search engine (SERP’ler) provided that they come to your website, It is the state that will allow you to get more traffic. Getting more traffic is important to ensure that you are on the first page or first places in SEO results.
Organic results: Ads that appear after search results, when generating only part of the search engine results; This term we call similar to natural traffic is, Organic traffic that you don't have to pay for.
In short; the term we refer to as natural search traffic, is the term that describes the traffic from SERPs without making any payment to search engines..

Paid Ads and Organic Search Results
Paid Ads and Organic Search Results

How to do SEO?

The term we call search engine , Google, Yahoo and Bing can likewise think of it as a website where you can potentially get answers to your question, but also to ask questions or find answers to anything else you are looking for.. Although this is roughly the definition, have you ever thought about what needs to be done on the back for these things to work correctly??

Google (or any search engine you use), It has a browser that collects details about all the content you can search or search for. Scanners, brings all those 1's and 0's back to the search engine to set up an index. This index is fed by an algorithm that tries to match all this data to your query, and then immediately, It presents you in a state that can produce harmonious results..

There are many factors that affect a search engine's algorithm. As a result of the researches, factors and influence rates are listed as follows.:

(Data 128 It was prepared based on the surveys answered by the SEO expert.)

  • 20.94% - Domain-Level Link Properties

for example; Number of links to domain, The trust and quality levels of the links directed to the domain, domain-level PageRank etc..

  • 19.15% - Page-Level Link Properties

for example; PageRank, TrustRank, amount of link links, text distribution, quality of link resources, etc..

  • 14.94% Page-Level Keyword and Content Features

for example; TF-IDF, content subject modeling scores, content amount / relationship etc.

  • 9.8% - Page-Level, Independent Keyword Features

for example; Content length, readability, originality, loading speed etc..

  • 8.59% - Domain-Level Brand Features

for example; Offline use of the brand or domain name, news in the press of the brand or domain name, etc..

  • 8.06% User, Usage and Traffic Data

for example; the browser, Traffic and usage signals from toolbars and clickstream, queries for quantity / variety and click-through rates etc..

  • 7.24% - Social Measurements

for example; Quality and quantity of links tweeted, Facebook posts, Google +1's etc..

  • 6.98% - Domain Level Keyword Usage

for example; Keyword domains that match exactly, partial keyword matches, etc..

  • 4,3% - Domain Level Keyword Properties

for example; domain name length, TLD extension, domain HTTP response time etc..



If you do not have any previous knowledge about SEO, This blog post that we have prepared at the basic level will be very useful to you.. SEO overview;


Domain name at the top of the right steps in terms of search engine optimization(domain) There are many details in it, from choosing to good practices for internal links.


A website, It is not exactly a website until you fully present your content there and publish it; Because SEO has certain variables in terms of content. Starting business by doing keyword research to write an SEO friendly article or content;important for search engines to truly understand and perceive your content. Search engines include a markup language for this. This markup language is also called HTML.. Browsers in the form of Google Chrome, The encodings created with the markup language when creating web pages, They help transform the page into a system accessible to visitors.


Another issue that needs to be learned after learning what work to do in terms of SEO for content and related markups is to have technical knowledge about robots.txt..


Try to learn everything from anchor text, from creating quality backlinks to making Anchor Text.. For example, is nofollow good and for what purpose?, Listen to the users' experience to understand when to use it and whether guest blogging is actually beneficial. Try to make use of the detailed publications of people who have worked on this subject and to read and analyze them..


Search engine algorithms frequently go for updates to provide more accurate results to their users, and SEO tactics should continue to improve continuously within the framework of these changes.. because of, If someone is giving you SEO advice that you have experienced not working, maybe they are not up to date.



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