COSMOS Web Agency owns the website “” and is the producer of all products sold through It is the most important duty of COSMOS Web Agency to deliver all orders as soon as possible, completely and with the highest customer satisfaction, and to provide quality service throughout the publication life of websites.

Detailed information about the products is available on the promotional pages of all products sold on the website.

Before customers order; There is the opportunity to examine the sales and service contract, to know how the work will be and to get all the information about what the mutual responsibilities will be.

The customer is obliged to examine in detail the detailed designs, technical specifications, management panel and all the services to be received with the website to be purchased before the order, to ask incomprehensible questions and to ensure that if there are additional requests, they are included in the contract text.

After the order is placed and the payment is confirmed, the installation, design and content entry works of the website begin at the same time and the order is delivered completely within the promised delivery time.

If the installation work has not been started within 7 (seven) days after the order is placed, the remaining part of the money is returned to the customer's account or credit card after the bank and credit card deductions are made in cases where the customer gives up the order without any reason.

Sipariş verildikten sonraki 7 (yedi) gün içerisinde internet sitesinin kurulum çalışmalarına başlanmış ise müşterinin mazeretsiz iptal talebi durumunda; ücretin %50 lik bölümü kesilerek kalan kısmı müşteriye iade edilir.

If the customer cancels the order in cases where fails to fulfill any part of the services promised within 14 (fourteen) days after the order is placed, all fees paid, including bank and credit card deductions, will be returned to the customer in full.

No refund will be made for orders that exceed 7 (seven) days and are not deficient by the COSMOS Web Agency.

No refund will be made for websites that have been launched with customer approval.

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